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Press Club Skirt

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Inspired by the 90s business club set, the Press Club Skirt takes the ubiquitous business uniform of the pencil skirt and adds a contemporary twist. Pleated by one of the last pleaters in Melbourne using a technique called Treebark Pleating, the Press Club Skirt comes in either Dark or Light for maximum versatility. Featuring an elasticated waistband and raw cut hem, the Press Club Skirt works well as casual, work, or party-appropriate attire.

Made in Melbourne.

Model: 5'10 / 178cm / Sz 1

100% Polyester  / Note: Treebark Pleating is a technique where fabric is pleated at a 3:1 ratio (i.e 3 metres of fabric will pleat to 1 metre). This technique ensures a knife-edge sharp, two way pleat, whilst the fabric composition ensures the pleating is permanent.