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Livia Arena’s flagship store, the Arena Store, finds its home in the vibrant eclecticism of Collingwood, Australia.


In 2016, following 6 years of operation, Livia Arena underwent a major restructuring in order to increase sustainability, ethics, and production quality, harking back to a heritage model of production and selling from the same space. The flagship store is located within the same building as the Livia Arena Studio-Factory, in which all design and production work is carried out by a small and dedicated team. 


The previously discrete business elements of design, production, and retail now co-exist in a symbiotic relationship. Feedback from our store and fitting rooms feeds into the design studio and influences both fit and style in a direct manner. The machinists and cutters of our factory can now also inform the design process directly, helping to develop intelligent construction and manufacturing process design. The capabilities of our wide range of specialised machinery also generate unique finishing techniques, specific to our factory.


Although our business is modelled on an older, slow paced idea, we are able to be much more efficient. Our garments are embedded with fewer carbon miles, we produce less wastage, and we are able to turn things around a lot faster than other operations. As our factory and store are intrinsically linked, we are also able to offer an in-house alteration service, helping you to get the perfect fit. Inquire with one of our Retail Sales Associates to find out more about this service.


Every Livia Arena garment has been made in-house in Collingwood. You can view a 360° perspective of our Studio-Factory below.